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Hello, I'm Kaelyn, a dedicated, ever-curious health coach and wellness professional with over 12 years of experience in natural health. My journey into the world of holistic wellness began early, thanks to my holistic-minded parents who instilled in me a deep appreciation for natural living and a balanced lifestyle.


However, despite my best efforts—exercising regularly, eating well, and maintaining good sleep habits—I faced persistent health challenges. Severe gut issues, including relentless bloating and brain fog, plagued me. I felt frustrated and disheartened, especially since I was doing everything right, and surrounded by integrative wisdom on a daily basis working in a functional clinical environment.


Determined to uncover the root cause of my discomfort, I underwent extensive gut testing (for several years!) and discovered that parasites were part of the problem. This revelation was both alarming and enlightening. Despite trying various functional treatments and protocols, my symptoms persisted, making me feel puffy, swollen, and perpetually exhausted.


Everything changed when I discovered CellCore Bioscience products and incorporated practices to heal my nervous system. These targeted supplements, combined with simple yet comprehensive protocols, not only resolved my long-standing gut issues but also significantly improved my brain fog and overall energy levels. This transformative experience solidified my passion for helping other navigate similar health challenges.


I share my story because I understand firsthand how debilitating gut issues can be and how frustrating it is to feel unwell despite living a seemingly healthy lifestyle. My personal journey has fueled my commitment to empowering others to transform their health, regain their vitality, and embrace a life of genuine wellness.


Utilizing my  expertise in advanced muscle testing and holistic health practices, I specialize in creating personalized wellness programs that address the root causes of health concerns. With a warm and compassionate approach, I aim to help my clients achieve optimal health and experience the profound benefits of a truly holistic lifestyle.


Join me on this journey to wellness, and let's uncover, enhance, reset, and optimize your health together.

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Empower Your Health at Our Workshop



Join us at our workshop to gain valuable insights into holistic well-being. Learn about natural approaches to enhance your health and well-being. Our workshops are designed to provide practical tips and actionable strategies for a healthier lifestyle.

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