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Uncover the root cause to your digestive issues, fatigue and hormonal imbalances. ​


Discover a proven comprehensive approach to achieve lasting incredible results!


Welcome to Naturally Obsessed, where your journey to optimal health and vitality begins. We are dedicated to restoring your energy and achieving lasting wellness through personalized, natural solutions.


Unique Approach

We blend the art of health coaching with advanced lab testing and nervous system healing to create customized wellness programs tailored for you. Our holistic method includes:

-Personalized Nutrition Plans: Tailored to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring you get the nutrients your body craves.


- Cutting-Edge Supplements: Utilizing the latest in natural health science to support healing, detoxification, and rejuvenation.

- Stress Resiliency: Balancing the autonomic nervous system with biofeedback tools, mindfulness, and targeted exercises to improve stress response and promote relaxation.

- Lifestyle Modifications: Practical, sustainable changes to address the root causes of your health issues, focusing on digestive health, combating fatigue, and promoting longevity.

We understand the challenges of digestive discomfort, persistent fatigue, hormone disruptions, and the desire for a healthier, resilient life. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to transform your health naturally and for the long term.

Discover how our tailored, comprehensive, natural solutions can help you regain your energy, improve digestion, optimize hormones, and enhance overall well-being.

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Happy Female Gardener
Outdoor Aerobics

 We Specialize In


 Mental Clarity & Optimized Hormones


 Digestive Health

Natural Detoxification  - Parasite, Toxin & Pathogen Cleansing

Nervous System Regulation  

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Begin your journey to optimized health today!

Kaelyn's personalized approach transformed my health. Her guidance on nutrition and stress management has made a world of difference. I feel more energized and balanced than ever before!

- Sarah M.

My digestive issues are finally under control, and I'm making progress in the right direction.  I highly recommend Kaelyn  to anyone seeking to heal their gut!"

- James T.

“Working with Kaelyn has changed my life! Finally someone that listens and understands. She walked me through all the stages of healing my gut. It wasn't easy, but I had support every step."

- Emily R.


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